Private Yoga Instruction and Thai Yoga Massage in Denver, Colorado

Welcome To The Yoga Exchange. This is a company owned and operated by Kathleen Swinbourne. She specializes in Private Yoga Instruction and Thai Yoga Massage.

Benefits of Yoga

A yoga practice, as little as two times weekly relieves symptoms of anxiety, habitual stress and chronic pain while safely working with the body in ways that are both restful and rejuvenating.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

In our busy modern times it can be difficult to find the energy to attend an active yoga class. If this resonates with you, Thai Yoga Massage offers many of the same benefits as yoga: flexibility, deep muscle stretching, joint release, emphasis on the breath, deep relaxation and quieting of the mind.

Experiencing the benefits of these healing traditions first hand, Kathleen is passionate about offering these complimentary practices to those interested in feeling calm, strong and well in their body.

Kathleen offers Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga on site and at
The Lohi Athletic Club in Highlands Denver.

Private Yoga Instruction – Thai Yoga Massage – Denver, CO